Alessia Santi – A morning with Dottor Sorriso!

22 Dezember 2016

The meeting between Alessia Santi, designer of Manila Grace brand, and the Dottor Sorriso Onlus Association led to the birth of an extraordinary collaboration.

Dottor Sorriso Onlus was founded in 1995 with the mission to make the children’s stay in hospital more serene, through the clowntherapy. Each week the Dottor Sorriso, professionals with a psychological and theatrical training, visit the pediatric wards throughout Italy. Because smiling helps us to live better the disease and to banish sadness and fear. And there is no more powerful magic of a child’s smile.

Alessia Santi Santi has decided to actively participate in the project accompanying the Dottor Sorriso, during the morning of 22 December 2016, in the departments of Pediatric Surgery, Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology, of Modena Policlinico.
A special visit to give a concrete contribution signed by Manila Grace to support the visits in the pediatric wards, so that even in the hospital children can keep ingenuity, imagination and playfulness.

Anyone wishing to support the charity project, can contact the Dottor Sorriso Onlus Association via the official website: or buy a T-shirt Smile Lab Manila Grace, a limited edition presented for spring/summer 2017 in 6 new colors: a part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

To discover the T-Shirt Manila Grace Smile Lab on our online shop CLICK HERE.


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