Fleur Narcotique

The second flanker of Manila Grace celebrates the autumn, a new warm and enveloping perfume which interprets femininity and sensuality in an even more intense and richer way.

Inspired by the name FLEUR NARCOTIQUE, the Eau de Parfum presents itself as a powerful aphrodisiac, similar to the bewitching scent of a sensual woman, releasing the perfume of a flower with a dual personality, delicate and hypnotizing at the same time.
An elegant bottle in its timeless shape, decorated in warm inviting colors that express femininity and sensuality.

The floral decoration, born from a drawing made by hand from the Manila Grace designer, is both delicate and seemingly imperfect at same time, in the typical style of Manila Grace.
The golden details enrich the object, keeping the stylish taste.


Opening on fizzy ginger and mysterious tobacco leaves, this daring top notes now melt with feminine rose and comfortable Tonka bean.

In base, vanilla, benzoin and charismatic vetiver blend to provide an oriental structure, on which praline accord let a slight yet addictive gourmand trace.


Eau Fraîche

The first flanker by Manila Grace, revisited in both its colours and fragrance, celebrates Spring.

The iconic bottle with an everlasting elegant shape is now dressed in new colours, inspired by the Manila Grace style.
White – the chromatic synthesis of all colours and the maximum expression of brightness – and Persian green – symbol of life, of renewal, and of the thousand facets of Nature in Spring – merge together in a captivating chromatic play.

The sinuous bottle, with its everlasting elegant shape, is interpreted through Spring tones. Candidly dressed in milk-white, which recalls the freshness of Spring evenings, the bottle is further decorated with the iconic
irregular polka dots that are
characteristic of the Manila Grace world.


A beautiful, sparkling summer fragrance that catches every sun ray to create a
sensation full of joy and carefree living.
The floral composition opens with refreshing notes of frozen orange, fizzy grapefruit and sunny ginger.

The mouthwatering heart reveals floral petals of innocent lily and transparent jasmine, sprinkled over an exotic mango sorbet.
Topped off with lingering notes of sweet vanilla, warm blonde woods and soft musk this cheerful creation leaves the impression of smooth and sun-kissed.


The Fragrance

Manila Grace launches its first fragrance in collaboration with Mavive Spa, a leading company in the Italian and international perfumery and personal care sector.

The bottle draws inspiration from old-fashioned oriental snuff bottles, small in size and of incredibly delicate design, sophistication and charm.

Decorated with a glossy black finish complete with the fashion brand’s iconic polka dots on the front, the bottle is adorned with a logo which is hot foil stamped in gold for a sophisticated, gleaming effect.

The fragrance opens with top notes of lemon and geranium combined with blackcurrant and cardamom in a warm, passionate cake accord.

The heart is refined and enticing, thanks to touches of gingerbread and lily of the valley, white peach and a sparkling gourmandy-coconut twist.

Magnetic, enveloping vanilla defines the base, punctuated with notes of cedarwood, amber wood and orcanox.

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