9 January 2017

It is time to face new trips and new ways of life and style. For next spring-summer the Manila Grace woman will even more exalt her personality and undertake self-confident, able to emerge and stand out in the crowd.

The designer Alessia Santi choose to bring together the garments of the new collection with both feminine and masculine identity, combining in a harmonious way casual and elegant in a continuous contamination of materials, prints and atmospheres.

What is striking in the pre-collection Manila Grace for the SS 17 is a constant juxtaposition of seemingly different styles, but actually complementary. Hence the black and white, chic, sophisticated, mixes with the military style, with denim intrusion.

The new collection is linked to the past season due to the presence of red, a bold color and distinctive, unmistakable, expressed in its most intimate sense.

“The eye is refined and the detail becomes the star.” A recurring leitmotif in the pre-collection SS 17, where patterns in iper graphic key black & white join over garments with clean lines, interspersed with floral elements linked to shades of blue, lead and brick. The military counterpart is expressed through a palette of unusual colors, with contrasting mix and big fabric experimentation.

Travelling to discover perfumes and live distant countries’ sensations, the woman Manila Grace of next season will bring the signs of these mysterious and fascinating lands, with all-over prints on both garments and accessories and multicolored details and trimmings that break more geometric patterns.

Discover more on Pre Collection Manila Grace SS 2017.


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